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A fractured family comes together to raise an autistic child.

… The characters are incredibly well drawn…The author deftly handles Eric’s condition and the attention he needs to thrive… the story is well executed, offering a memorable glimpse of a family emerging from the ashes of trauma. A poignant tale about grappling with loss, disability, and forgiveness. “Kirkus Review”

Many a Sudden Change Mock Up.jpeg

...Many A Sudden Change is a character-driven novel, rooted in the complex emotions of loss, love, forgiveness, and understanding. The storyline is smooth and emotional, and will resonate with readers long after the final page...Zacher’s prose is clear and direct. Each narrator’s voice is distinct and serves the story well...Zacher’s novel about a family united in loss is a fresh, compelling read. Zacher skillfully portrays the struggle and joys of raising a child with autism...The characters of Many A Sudden Change are memorable and demonstrate impressive growth throughout the novel. Readers will connect with Eric, a young boy with autism, struggling after the loss of his mother and the sudden arrival of his long-lost father. Clarice, Eric’s grandmother, shows tremendous transformation throughout the course of the novel."Booklife Prize"

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