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Tricia Hopper Zacher was born in California and lives in Palos Verdes, a suburb in LA County, where she raised her family. She is an author, screenwriter, and playwright.

Many a Sudden Change is her first novel.

Her writing career started in 1992 after the tragic loss of her brother to AIDS. Wanting to make a difference in the fight against HIV, she turned to her love of writing, and wrote a dramatic play to take to high schools. The Closet centered on a family trying to deal with the loss and the stigma of losing their son to AIDS. The play was performed over 450 times, played on the National Mall, and was sent to Africa in video form by Names Project.

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A deadly car accident leaves Eric, an autistic eight-year-old, to be raised by his only grandmother. Clarice, a widow in her sixties, is devastated by the loss of her daughter and terrified at the prospect of raising her grandson on her own. When she comes across unopened letters from Eric's estranged father, she makes a decision to contact him. Matthew, a Marine serving in war-torn Afghanistan, is excited to at last meet his son—but suffering from PTSD, he appears no more equipped to raise Eric than Clarice.​

A child's unsual way of being and unique view of life force Clairce and Matthew to confront their losses and past mistakes...and to make a decision that will forever change all of their lives.

"In Many a Sudden Change Tricia Hopper Zacher spins a complex tale of loss, grief, and the redeeming power of love."


Author of Seduced by Mrs Robinson: How the Graduate Became the Touchstone of a Generation, Algonquin Books, 2017

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